UF Health Pediatrics: Ophthalmology

A male ophthalmologist uses a magnifying device to peer into a young female patients eyes.Sharp vision plays a crucial role in the mental, physical and social development of children, whose vision undergoes neurologic development until the beginning of adolescence (about 12 years old). That’s one of many reasons why UF Health emphasizes the special techniques required to examine the anatomy, function and diseases of the eyeball and orbit among children.

At UF Health Eye Center – Hampton Oaks, our experts specialize in pediatric ophthalmology/ocular motility, while diagnosing and treating thousands of patients annually for the following conditions:

UF Health pediatric ophthalmologists, like others, are tasked with anything from prescribing glasses and contact lenses to performing intricate and delicate eye surgery. However, our team is expertly trained and board-certified in ophthalmology.

For your convenience, we also offer:

  • Comprehensive eye care
  • On-site lab testing
  • On-site X-ray
  • Refractive surgery, including iLASIK™

Our ophthalmologists are well-equipped to address your child’s diverse eye care needs and other issues elsewhere in the body that can affect the eyes.

A female ophthalmologist uses a device to check the eyes of a young female child with the child's father supporting her.