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Infusion of Hope

July/August 2019

UF Health patient first to receive new gene therapy for neurouscular disease since FDA approval.

Health In A Heartbeat

Play, screen and sleep: How much does your child need?

Oct 22, 2019

The World Health Organization recently came out with guidelines for parents to determine how much sleep and play their young children should receive. The guidelines also looked at how much time young children should spend looking at screens, whether it’s a television, computer or tablet device....

Animal Airwaves

Shielding horses against mosquito-borne diseases

Oct 21, 2019

Since mosquito season often runs through October in the Midwest and nearly year-round down South, you might wonder when it’s best to vaccinate your horse against mosquito-borne diseases. These are serious, sometimes fatal diseases like West Nile Virus, or WNV, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis [ĕn-...