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Recognizing Risks

May 2018

New program at UF Health assesses brain functions of older patients before surgery

Health In A Heartbeat

Shoeless children may develop better balancing skills

Oct 5, 2018

Barefoot children may gain an advantage in life — at least when it comes to certain movements. Children who spend most of their time barefoot develop motor skills differently than kids who always wear shoes, according to recent findings by German researchers. The result: Barefoot children are...

Animal Airwaves

Keep Pets Safe and Emergency Surgery At Bay This Halloween

Oct 5, 2018

Halloween safety for pets is often overlooked in the quest for the best costume and stocking up on treats. But pet owners should be mindful that costumes and treats both can pose life-threatening hazards for pets. Dr. Alex Fox-Alvarez, a small animal surgeon, will discuss some of the situations...