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Cribside Critical Care

by Alisha Katz • May 12, 2017

On The Same Page

Markets for Health Care: Part 2 – The Market for Health Insurance

Jun 27, 2017

This is Part 2 of our newsletter on the distinction between the market for health care services and the market for health insurance. We begin by stating that competition in the health insurance market is a horse of a different color from competition in the health care services market. This is... Read More

The POST Magazine

Window on Healing

July/August 2017

How artistry, a camera and a great view helped one woman battle cancer

Health In A Heartbeat

Trans fat ban saving lives in New York, study shows

Jul 31, 2017

It’s no secret among health advocates that trans fats can be bad for you. Now, there is proof of how much eliminating it from your diet can help. A study of people in several counties in New York state, where restaurants were banned from using trans fats for several years, shows a significant drop...

Animal Airwaves

Doing right by one scared puppy

Jul 1, 2017

If you’ll be bringing home a puppy, you may wonder what to expect that first day. It may be the first time your pup’s been away from his canine family. There’ll be no licking, nuzzling and warm pooch contact in this strange, new environment. That’s why the first day is the scariest for a pup. It’s...