Preventive health care: Providers

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Clinical Interests: Caffeine in the diet, Calcium in diet, Carbohydrates, Echocardiogram, Fiber, Food additives, Food labeling, Foods - fresh vs. frozen or canned, Heart disease, Heart disease and diet, Magnesium in diet, Nutrition and athletic performance, Pesticides on fruits and vegetables, Potassium in diet, Preventive health care, Protein in diet, Salads and nutrients, Sodium in diet, Sweeteners - sugar substitutes, Sweeteners - sugars, Thiamin, Tryptophan, Vegetarian diet, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamins, Water in diet, Wine and heart health
Clinical Interests: Preventive health care
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Clinical Interests: Family Medicine, Preventive health care
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Clinical Interests: Adolescent development, Family Medicine, Preventive health care, Women's health
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Clinical Interests: Exercise and immunity, Family Medicine, Preventive health care
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Clinical Interests: Neonatal weight gain and nutrition, Preventive health care, Vaccines (immunizations) - overview, Well-child visits
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Clinical Interests: Alternative medicine - pain relief, Family Medicine, Preventive health care
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Clinical Interests: Healthy living, Preventive health care
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Clinical Interests: Healthy living, Infectious Diseases, Preventive health care, Vaccines (immunizations) - overview
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Clinical Interests: Concussion, Heat emergencies, Muscle aches, Muscle strain treatment, Nutrition and athletic performance, Preventive health care, Sprains, Tendinitis