UF Health Women's Center: Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery

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As the largest university in the state and one of the biggest medical centers in the Southeast, UF Health is at the forefront of world-class medical and surgical patient care.

COEMIG SealTraditionally, gynecologic surgery has been performed through large abdominal incisions (laparotomy) which requires longer hospital stay and longer time for recovery before return to normal activities. Minimally invasive surgery is generally associated with significantly less blood loss during surgery, less scarring, less post-operative pain and faster recovery than traditional open surgery. Over the last two decades, technological and surgical breakthroughs have enabled us to perform the same operations through one to four tiny incisions about the size of your fingertip, with minimal to no hospital stay and faster return to normal activities. Our physicians take advantage of robotic technology by utilizing the most advanced da Vinci Si robotic system, offering 3-D visualization, magnification and wristed instruments with excellent precision.

Physicians at UF Heatlh are capable of performing a multitude of procedures in a minimally invasive fashion using the most advanced technology in the region. We are now proud to empower women by offering more options and innovative surgical techniques to perform your gynecologic surgery in a minimally invasive fashion.

Procedures We Offer