UF Health Shands Hospital Patient Guide: Condition H

We are pleased to be able to provide patients, family members and visitors with direct access to emergency response personnel when there are sudden changes or concerns about a patient’s condition.

What is Condition H?

The “H” stands for Help. Patients and families can call for help, which initiates the dispatch of a team of professionals who respond immediately and directly to the patient room. Responders will review the situation and provide individualized treatment based on the patient’s needs. The purpose of the team is to quickly check the condition of the patient and provide help before there is a medical emergency.

To activate Condition H, Dial 61

When to Call

You can call for Condition H help:

  • If there is a noticeable change in the patient’s condition that needs immediate attention and the health-care team is not recognizing or addressing the concern.
  • If after speaking with a member of the health-care team (i.e. nurses, physicians), you continue to have serious concerns on how care is being given, managed or planned.

Warning signs that a patient is getting worse:

  • Changes in the heart or respiratory (breathing) rate
  • A drop in blood pressure
  • Changes in urinary output (much more or much less urine)
  • Change in level of consciousness
  • Any time you are worried about the patient

How to Call

Call 61 from your bedside telephone. Say, “Condition H - I need a rapid response team in (room number).” This is a special line just for Condition H situations. The hospital operator will ask for caller identification, room number, patient name and patient concern.

  • Cellular phones cannot access this number so be sure to use the telephone at the bedside or another hospital telephone!
  • A team of medical professionals will arrive in your room to assess the situation. Additional staff will be called in as needed.
  • After the immediate needs of the patient are addressed, the director of Patient Relations will visit to ensure that you are satisfied with your care.