UF Health Bariatric Surgery Center: After Surgery

As with any surgery, you will have recovery time. Specific post-surgery information is listed below for each type of bariatric surgery we perform, including the diet and lifestyle required by you to maintain success.

Gastric bypass surgery (Roux-en-Y)

Woman weighing herselfMost people stay in the hospital overnight for two days. In the hospital, you:

  • You will be asked to sit in a chair and walk the same day of surgery.
  • On Day 1, you will be given sips of water. On Day 2, you will be given sips of protein. When you are discharged, you will begin an eight-week progressive diet.
  • Will wear a pneumonic pumps device to prevent blood clots from forming while in bed or sitting in a chair.
  • Will receive medicine through shots to prevent blood clots.
  • Will receive pain medicine through an IV, a catheter that goes into your veins, and then transition to liquid pain medication by mouth prior to discharge.

You will be able to go home when:

  • You can sip water without vomiting.
  • You can walk at your baseline.
  • Pain is manageable and nausea is minimized.

Sleeve gastrectomy

You will probably be able to go home two days after your surgery. You should be able to drink clear liquids on the day after surgery, and then a protein supplement diet by the time you go home.

  • You will be able to go home when you can sip water without vomiting, you can walk at your baseline, and when pain is manageable.
  • When you go home, you will probably be given pain pills or liquids and a medication called proton pump inhibitors.
  • Your doctor, nurse, or dietitian will recommend a diet for you. Meals should be small to avoid stretching the remaining stomach.

Adjustable gastric banding

The UF Health Bariatric Surgery Center currently only provides maintenance and removal of bands for patients who have already had this type of surgery. Please contact our bariatric coordinator, Gwen Crispell, MSN, RN, CBN at (352) 265-0111 x29634.

Keep in mind, with any of these surgeries, the key to success is a lifelong commitment. You will need to adhere to strict dietary and nutrition goals in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also provide monthly patient support groups to help you on your weight loss journey.