Did you know that every other day, a transplant patient receives a new organ thanks to our interdisciplinary teams at UF Health Shands Transplant Center?

Over the course of 50 years, UF Health Shands Transplant Center faculty and staff have performed more than 7,000 organ transplants. They provide life-saving care for adult patients receiving heart, liver, lung, kidney and pancreas transplants. The center also provides care for pediatric patients receiving heart, lung, kidney and pancreas transplants.

Stephan J. Moore, M.H.A., FACHE, CMPE, UF Health Shands Transplant Center administrative director, said the unique teaching environment at UF Health facilitates collaboration between diverse staff and teams.

“A successful transplant center requires a high level of communication and teamwork between medical disease specialists — physicians who care for the patient’s end-stage organ disease — and the surgical team,” Moore said.

Our multidisciplinary transplant teams are comprised of more than 100 staff members, including medicine physicians; surgeons; nurses; financial coordinators; donor coordinators; administrative support staff; social workers; physical and respiratory therapists; and psychologists.

The staff works with anesthesiologists and pharmacists, as well as the pilots and flight teams who help transport organs. People support the transplant team along every phase of the patient’s journey — from pre-transplant to lifelong post-transplant care. UF Health has the only transplant center in North Central Florida and several of our programs are ranked among the top nationally for volumes and survival rates.

We value our relationships with patients and referring physicians. Together we can improve quality and length of life through transplantation.

  Heart Lung Kidney Pancreas Liver
Year Started 1985 1994 1966 1994 1990
Transplants Performed 1000+ 550+ 4,600+ 250+ 1,600+
Unique Specialties Advanced heart failure
Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)
  Live-donor transplants

Deceased-donor transplants

Participant in the UNOS Paired Kidney Donor Exchange Program

Simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplant

Pancreas after kidney transplant

Isolated pancreas transplant

Segmented liver transplant

Working toward live-donor transplant