UF Health Sleep Center: Guide for Parents

Do I need to stay overnight with my child?

Yes. An adult must stay in the room at all times with children under the age of 18. Please bring any bottles, diapers or food you or your child may require during the night.

How many sensors will be placed on my child?

Depending on the test preformed there can be up to 30 sensors placed on the patient. The sensors are the same as those used for adult patients, only smaller.

Will the sensors hurt?

No, the sensors are applied with a thick paste to make them stick. The paste is hypoallergenic, and does not cause irritation. The paste can be washed out with warm water and soap in the morning after the study is complete.

What should I bring for my child?

You may bring a book, DVD, snacks, and anything that you would normally use to help your child sleep at home. Many times, it is important to have something familiar for your child, like their pillow or favorite stuffed animal, to help ease the anxiety of having a sleep study.