Richard Holbert, M.D.

Richard C Holbert, M.D.

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Research Interests

Clinical Interests:

Dr. Holbert's clinical interests include Psychiatric Illnesses in the Medically Ill, Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Mood Disorders.

Research and Scholarly Interests:

Dr. Holbert is an investigator in a VA Medical Research Merit-Review Study entitled "A Clinical Trial of Magnetic Stimulation in Depression." He has been an active participant in clinical trials in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Florida. As a Resident in the Department, Dr. Holbert worked extensively with Dr. Mark Gold on a wide variety of clinical research projects including the neuropsychiatric interface between overeating and addiction.

Educational Interests and Accomplishments:

Dr. Holbert was named residency-training director in December of 2001. For the residents, he has been in charge of the fourth year board review course for the past two years. He teaches a course on diagnostics for the first year residents that occurs weekly. He gives lectures to the first and second year residents on emergency psychiatry. As Chief of the Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) Team, he instructs three third year residents at all times during their rotation. In addition, he conducts morning report with the residents.

For medical students, Dr. Holbert gives two lectures during their Psychiatry rotation. These lectures are on Psychotic Disorders and Mood Stabilizers. He is also an active participant in the oral examinations medical students are given at the end of their psychiatry rotation. He also gives three lectures per year to the Physician Assistants students on Mood Disorders.

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