Pricing Transparency

As part of recent federal legislation, hospitals are required to post a list of their standard charges in a machine-readable format. By providing this price information to our patients, UF Health Shands can help you understand and plan for potential out-of-pocket hospital expenses.

Using this information:

  • The prices provided are for individual hospital service items. Typical hospital procedures and inpatient stays can include hundreds of individual service items
  • The prices provided are for hospital services and do not include Professional/Physician fees
  • The prices provided do not necessarily represent the payment hospital expects to receive nor the anticipated consumer out of pocket expense
  • Consumer Out-of-Pocket expense represents the portion of a hospital bill that is the consumer’s responsibility.  This amount varies from person to person and depends on individual insurance coverage and policies

Download UF Health Shands Gainesville Standard charges:

Additional Resources

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration provides the Florida Health Price Finder a healthcare service consumer tool