Hope & Healing Blog

by Amanda Austin • Sep 23, 2016
Vaughn Thornton geared up for a leisurely Sunday afternoon ride in early 2016. “It was what people would call a chamber of commerce kind of day-80...READ MORE

On The Same Page

Separation of Conjoined Twins

Sep 12, 2016

When Jacquelyn was 20 weeks pregnant, she and her partner, Mark, visited her obstetrician to have an ultrasound to find out the sex of their baby. Up to that point, they thought that Jacquelyn was carrying only one, since earlier sonograms captured only one heartbeat. The ultrasound revealed there... Read More

The POST Magazine

From the depths of the mind

September 2016

How UF researchers have turned 3-D-printed dreams into research realities

Health In A Heartbeat

For women, migraines associated with poor cardiovascular health

Sep 29, 2016

Women have a much greater tendency to get migraine headaches than men. In fact, about three times more women than men suffer from the searing, debilitating pain of a migraine. Scientists are on a quest to learn why this is so, and also to understand the true causes of migraines. Some previous...

Animal Airwaves

AA Live-Heat Stroke in Dogs

Sep 3, 2016

Dogs rely on different ways to cool their bodies than people do; they don’t sweat, for example, they pant. Under certain circumstances, these mechanisms prove ineffective, causing the risk of overheating. On Animal Airwaves-Live tomorrow, Dr. Alex Lynch, an emergency and critical care specialist,...