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When Less Oxygen Heals

November 2018

Novel spinal cord injury therapy put to the test

Health In A Heartbeat

Is Dry January a remedy after overindulging?

Dec 12, 2018

The holiday season can be a time of exuberant excesses. Many of us stay up too late, eat way too much good food and drink more alcohol than normal. But the calendar page eventually flips and we’re faced with a new year to pay for the good times we had. Along with trying to get your credit card bill...

Animal Airwaves

Laboratory Testing: Why It Matters To Pet Health

Dec 7, 2018

Although the role of the clinical pathologist is behind the scenes, it is critical for disease diagnosis and prevention. When you visit the veterinarian, chances are you’ll be asked to have samples taken from your pet’s blood, urine and stool at some point to assess your pet’s health status. Learn...