The Comeback Kids

December 2015 January 2016

Gloria McIntyre suffered from a rare illness. Bill Wong lost his leg below the knee because of a diabetic infection. Amy Emery endured a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. In this month’s The POST, the UF Health Shands Rehab Hospital helps each of them transition back to living independently.

Older issues from the POST:

Health In A Heartbeat

Any exercise boosts brain benefits

Jan 29, 2016

A daily run can control weight, improve mood, raise energy and could combat future illnesses. It can also provide brain-boosting benefits as you age. But as you get older and running becomes more challenging, it can be confusing as to what type of physical exercise you should do to keep your mind...

Animal Airwaves

A pressing problem

Jan 1, 2016

Our pets keep us chuckling with their guileless antics and goofy carryings on. But if you ever see your furry friend exhibiting this behavior, it’s no laughing matter. I’m talking about head pressing, which is usually a sign of a serious medical problem. This isn’t just the playful head butting you...

On The Same Page

The Year in Review: Celebrating Our Achievements in 2015 Part 2

Jan 21, 2016

Part 2 of our "Year in Review" focuses on the hospitals, research institutes and centers that are part of the UF Health family: UF Health Cancer Center UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute UF Institute for Child Health Policy The UF Diabetes Institute UF Emerging Pathogens Institute UF... Read More