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February 2015

In February, UF Health North opened for business in Jacksonville. The medical specialty building, which includes a natural birth center, high-field magnetic resonance imaging and a 3-D breast imaging center, is just the first phase of UF Health’s plans for North Jacksonville, an area long overdue for health services.

Older issues from the POST:

Health In A Heartbeat

Oncologists aren’t discussing supplements, herbs with patients

Mar 27, 2015

It appears many oncologists avoid discussing herbs and supplements with their cancer patients. According to a recently published study, the reason is often simply a lack of knowledge Researchers at the University of Texas found that less than half of cancer doctors initiate conversations about...

Animal Airwaves

LIVE: Treatment of Fractures in Dogs and Cats

Mar 13, 2015

If your dog or cat has broken a bone, it’s possible that surgery will be recommended. Many fractures in our pets are caused by major traumas, such as being hit by a car. Other fractures can be the result of low-impact injury.  Regardless of the cause, however, the decision of whether surgery is...

On The Same Page

Making More Room at the Inn, Part 2: Research and Education

Mar 16, 2015

In the last edition of On the Same Page, titled “Making More Room at the Inn,” data on the increased demand for clinical services at UF Health were presented. We are thrilled to be building new hospitals in Gainesville and Jacksonville to accommodate future growth in patient care, but what do we do... Read More