The gift of life

January 2015

More than 1,600 older adults took part in the trial phase of the Lifestyle Interventions and Independence for Elders, or LIFE, study. The LIFE study sought to discover what happened when older adults engaged in moderate physical activity. In this month’s issue of The POST, we follow what happened to Brian Ainsworth, one of the study participants, during the course of the trial.

Older issues from the POST:

Health In A Heartbeat

Study shows that people dismiss cancer as cause of health symptoms

Mar 3, 2015

Thinking about cancer is unpleasant. Thinking about the possibility you might have cancer is even less appealing. Of course, individuals who notice warning signs of cancer can take action and see a doctor. But human nature being what it is, people are sometimes more likely to explain away odd...

Animal Airwaves

Preventing bad breath and costly cures

Mar 2, 2015

If your furry friend’s breath could take yours away, it could be a sign of dental disease. Along with bad breath, inflamed gums, discolored teeth, pawing at the mouth and changing in eating habits are all signs of dental disease, a common problem in our pets. It’s often painful and can lead to...

On The Same Page

Making More Room at the Inn

Feb 23, 2015

Our hospitals in both Gainesville and Jacksonville are full. This is a good problem to have, but it is a problem. And as we figure out a way to accommodate continued growth within a fixed hospital chassis, we must do so in a way that further enhances the quality of care we provide. Needless to say... Read More