Hope & Healing Blog

by Alisha Kinman • Oct 24, 2016
Nothing gives Kendall Lewis, better known as Miss K, more joy than seeing “her” helicopter flying high in the sky. And by “her” helicopter, we mean...READ MORE

On The Same Page

Augmenting Cognitive Training in Older Adults: The “ACT Study”

Sep 29, 2016

Have you sometimes forgotten a phone number, walked to another room to complete an errand but forgotten what it was while walking, or failed to notice a car approaching until it was right next to you? Occasional lapses in memory and attention may not seem significant when we’re young, but we might... Read More

The POST Magazine

From the depths of the mind

September 2016

How UF researchers have turned 3-D-printed dreams into research realities

Health In A Heartbeat

The do’s and don’ts of Halloween candy

Oct 28, 2016

Each year when hordes of ghouls, goblins and princesses trudge home lugging pumpkin-shaped baskets stuffed with sweet treats of every stripe, parents are left with the same age-old problem: What do you do with all that candy? Better yet, how do you stop a gaggle of sugar-crazed seven-year-olds from...

Animal Airwaves

Looking for lead in all sorts of places

Oct 1, 2016

You’ve probably heard of lead poisoning in small animals and children. But did you know it’s a problem in cattle too? In some areas, lead toxicity is the most common poisoning in cattle. And it’s frequently fatal, so it pays for you to know how to prevent it. If you find a dead cow or calf, lead...