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Infusion of Hope

July/August 2019

UF Health patient first to receive new gene therapy for neurouscular disease since FDA approval.

Health In A Heartbeat

Understanding how noise helps us sleep

Aug 30, 2019

Making noise to help you sleep sounds counterintuitive. After all, wouldn’t noise keep you awake? But some sleepers find a certain kind of noise helps them sleep better and longer. This is called white noise. Scientists describe white noise as a sound that continues repetitively at a medium...

Animal Airwaves

Subspecialties of Diagnostic Imaging

Sep 13, 2019

Diagnostic imaging is a routine part of veterinary medicine, through which valuable information is gains that contributes directly to the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases and injuries that can affect all types of animals. Dr. Robson Giglio, a clinical assistant professor of...