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Super Tory

April 2019

This 8-pound robotic baby cries, grunts and blinks, all while helping to educate medical students

Health In A Heartbeat

Fading sense of smell can have serious health implications

Jul 23, 2019

As we grow older, our senses diminish. We might not see or hear as well as we once did, but we accept that as the normal part of aging. We may start wearing bifocals and buy hearing aids. Our sense of smell also fades over time, and new research has found this can have has serious health...

Animal Airwaves

Careers and Trends in Veterinary Technology

Jul 19, 2019

Veterinary technicians, also known as veterinary nurses, are a critical part of the patient care team when it comes to animal health. As a career, veterinary technology offers a variety of opportunities for engaging in animal care and helping to ensure best practices are implemented in the...