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Super Tory

April 2019

This 8-pound robotic baby cries, grunts and blinks, all while helping to educate medical students

Health In A Heartbeat

Why time seems to move faster the older we get

Jun 24, 2019

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but new research shows this isn’t exactly the case. Duke University researchers have figured out why time seems to stand still when we’re kids and speed up as we age. The differences between memories as a child versus memories as an adult really come down...

Animal Airwaves

A tick up in Lyme disease

Jun 24, 2019

If you thought you and your pet were out of the reach of Lyme disease, think again. You might have a new neighbor in your neck of the woods. The Companion Animal Parasite Council recently reported that cases of Lyme disease have ticked up in some regions that were previously low-risk. Overall, the...