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Recognizing Risks

May 2018

New program at UF Health assesses brain functions of older patients before surgery

Health In A Heartbeat

Marital bliss may lead to longer life

Nov 16, 2018

We all know diet and exercise are keys to a healthy life. Add marital bliss to the list. A study by researchers at The Ohio State University found that married couples who have nasty arguments appear more likely to suffer from leaky guts. This is a condition where bacteria and partially digested...

Animal Airwaves

Infectious Diseases in Reptiles and Amphibians

Nov 16, 2018

Infectious diseases in reptiles and amphibians might not get the media attention of some other health issues, but play a key role in animal and ecosystem health. On this show, two UF veterinarians, Dr. Jim Wellehan of the zoological medicine service, and Dr. Rob Ossiboff of the aquatic, amphibian...