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Combating COVID-19

June 2020

UF Health recalibrates everything to take on a global pandemic

Health In A Heartbeat

Parts of the world becoming too hot to sustain human life

Aug 7, 2020

Summer is in full bloom, with heat and humidity relentlessly bearing down and barely easing up when the sun sets. If you are among those thinking it’s hotter than ever, you now have some science to back up your belief. Extreme measures of heat and humidity, some approaching deadly levels, are being...

Animal Airwaves

Challenges of creating homemade canine diets

Aug 7, 2020

As a pooch parent, one of the biggest responsibilities you have is feeding your buddy a nutritious, complete diet. That can be tough if you make it yourself. Whatever your reason for wanting to feed a homemade diet, talk it over with your veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist before changing...