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The POST-Spring

Spring 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic exploded across the globe, everything changed. One year later, we’re all adjusting to the new normal. Workers from across UF Health share the lessons they’ve learned during this trying time. See their stories and other important news from UF Health in this edition of The POST.

Health In A Heartbeat

Sun-damaged selfies get teens’ attention

Aug 31, 2022

  When health officials in Brazil wanted to show teens the effects of too much exposure to the sun, they used technology they could relate to: selfies. Specifically, they used a face-aging app that showed the teens what prolonged exposure to ultraviolet, or UV, radiation could do to their skin...

Animal Airwaves

Encocrine Tumors of Dogs and Cats

Sep 30, 2022

Endocrine tumors are relatively rare in dogs and cats compared to other forms of cancer. Due to the role of the endocrine system, however, their potential impact on health is often very significant. Most pets present with one type of endocrine tumor, the most common being tumors of the thyroid. On...