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Eternally Intertwined

August 2020

Husband, widow donate organs to same man 16 years apart.

Health In A Heartbeat

Weighted blankets can help with insomnia

Nov 30, 2020

For some people, there is a new way to stop losing sleep because of chronic insomnia: a weighted blanket. Swedish researchers have found that for people with insomnia or certain psychiatric disorders, using a weighted blanket for four weeks brought about better sleep, a higher level of daytime...

Animal Airwaves

Pesky Skin Parasites (original air: Dec. 13, 2014)

Nov 20, 2020

Does your pet have a constant itch? Understanding and managing allergies in pets can be a huge challenge, both for pet owners and their veterinarians. In a follow-up to an earlier show on itchy pets, Dr. Dunbar Gram, a veterinary dermatology specialist, will discuss how certain parasites – fleas...