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Super Tory

April 2019

This 8-pound robotic baby cries, grunts and blinks, all while helping to educate medical students

Health In A Heartbeat

Mushrooms can lessen the risk of cognitive decline

Jun 18, 2019

Mushrooms. Toadstools. Whatever name you prefer for that familiar fleshy body of a fungus, there’s now something else you can call it: good for your brain health. New research shows that eating more than 10 ounces of cooked mushrooms per week may reduce the chance of mild cognitive impairment in...

Animal Airwaves

Stay in the know about insulin

Jun 17, 2019

Two forms of insulin are now approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for dogs and cats with diabetes. ProZinc® is a recombinant — or genetically engineered — human insulin that was approved 10 years ago for feline diabetes. Just recently, ProZinc® was also approved for managing diabetes in...