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UF Health celebrates Doctors’ Day

In recognition of National Doctors’ Day — a day on which the service of physicians is recognized annually — we would like to take a moment to thank UF Health’s talented physicians and housestaff.

UF College of Medicine urologist Paul Crispen, M.D.UF Health leaders often receive letters from patients thanking their medical team for the outstanding care they received. UF College of Medicine urologist Paul Crispen, M.D., was named in one such letter. In an email with the subject: “We made the right decision,” a patient’s family detailed the care this patient received during a recent stay. They thanked the medical team of the UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital Adult Oncology Unit 8 East; including UF Health College of Medicine oncologist Long Dang, M.D., Ph.D., and numerous support teams.

“It is the excellent medical, nursing and support services care we received during our first stay on 8 East that has compelled me to write this letter,” wrote the patient’s mother. “Our stay was a joyful reminder that kindness is a crucial element to expert medical care. The positive attitude of 8 East anchored my son through the uncertainty, pain and fear during his stay. Thank you all for shining your light on my family.”

Crispen noted that this patient story highlighted the comprehensive care offered at UF Health. As part of a multidisciplinary team, patients are able to meet with Crispen and other specialists during a single visit, enhancing the collaboration between specialties.

“UF Health has afforded me the opportunity to provide comprehensive cancer care in an extremely collegial and collaborative setting,” he said. “It would be impossible for me to provide this level of patient care and engage in my research interests without the continuous support from all of my colleagues throughout UF Health.”

UF Health thanks each physician for your sharing your medical expertise and superior care with staff and most importantly, patients.

If you have been impacted by the work of one of a UF Health doctor, you are invited to recognize them by making a gift in honor of their extraordinary capacity for care. For more information on how to make a gift, visit

A note from Timothy Flynn, M.D., FACS, the UF College of Medicine senior associate dean for clinical affairs and UF Health Shands chief medical officer

“Every month, I receive numerous letters from patients who appreciate the care and competence of our physicians at UF Health. Being a physician is a unique privilege. We have the opportunity to be involved in peoples’ lives and to impact people in a way no other profession can. We should take great joy in that work.

While the work often involves long hours and stressful days, we are especially fortunate that our work at UF Health involves not only direct patient care, but also training the next generation of physicians and advancing science.

While your days may be long and difficult, think about why you are in medicine — why you are in an academic health center. On this Doctors’ Day, think about the impact you have on patients and the opportunity you have to work with other leaders and experts in their respective fields.

On a personal note, thanks to each of you for your work and for the care and service you provide every day here at UF Health. Happy Doctors’ Day.”

In the words of patients and staff

UF Health patients and staff offered words of thanks to physicians through the Customer Service is the Key employee recognition program.

To: UF College of Medicine thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon Thomas Beaver, M.D., Ph.D.
From: A patient
“One of the best doctors ever! There are no words to express my thanks for taking care of my husband’s heart issues.”

To: UF College of Medicine obstetrician and gynecologist Sharon Byun, M.D.
From: A patient
“Dr. Byun provided fantastic care and support throughout my pregnancy. She came in to deliver my baby even though she was off duty.”

To: UF College of Medicine neurologist Jean Cibula, M.D.
From: A patient
“Dr. Cibula’s attitude was that of kindness and caring. Her spirit with her patients is uplifting and at the same time, you realize she knew what she was talking about.”

To: UF College of Medicine resident Jeffrey David Hall, M.D.
From: A co-worker “Dr. Hall took it upon himself to get a patient’s prescriptions from the pharmacy on a Saturday before they closed.”

To: UF College of Medicine anesthesiologist Barys Ihnatsenka, M.D.
From: A patient
“Thank you for going the extra mile and returning to the hospital to perform the epidural during my delivery.”

To: UF College of Medicine professor of immunology, rheumatology and infectious disease Robert Lawrence, M.D.
From: A co-worker
“My 4-year-old patient accidentally urinated on his bed and clothes. Dr. Lawrence came in and, without hesitation, helped me change his sheets and clean him up.”

To: UF College of Medicine hematologist and oncologist Jan S. Moreb, M.D.
From: A patient
“I recently had a stem cell transplant at UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital and the care before, during and after from the entire staff has been superb. Dr. Moreb inspired me — there was hope and treatment.”

To: UF College of Medicine pulmonologist Wael Nasser, M.D.
From: A patient
“I would like to thank Dr. Nasser for being on top of his practice and exhibiting extreme knowledge of his craft during this difficult time in my mother’s life.”

To: UF College of Medicine psychiatrist Michael Nias, J.D., LCSW
From: A patient
“Dr. Nias has been a big support for me. He has helped me look inside myself for inner correction dealing with stress.”

To: UF College of Medicine pediatric cardiologist Arwa Saidi, M.B., B.Ch., M.Ed.
From: A patient
“Dr. Saidi was great as always. When I was having some problems, she came and sat with me until it was under control. That meant a lot.”

To: UF College of Medicine dermatologist Michael W. Wangia, M.D.
From: A patient
“I was very impressed with the quality of care I received at your dermatology facility. Dr. Wangia was wonderful.”


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