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Eternally Intertwined

August 2020

Husband, widow donate organs to same man 16 years apart.

Health In A Heartbeat

Find a friend, improve your reading comprehension

Jan 21, 2021

Could the key to improving reading comprehension be as simple as reading with a friend? It has been known for some time that a person’s drive, attention and focus on details can increase when in the presence of others. Now, processing language could be added to that list. New research shows how a...

Animal Airwaves

When pups leave the litter too soon

Jan 21, 2021

When puppies are antisocial or aggressive or deliver painful bites, it could be because they were taken too early from their mom and littermates. There are several reasons why litters should stay together and with Mom until the pups are at least 7 weeks old. Key among them is allowing puppies to...