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Eternally Intertwined

August 2020

Husband, widow donate organs to same man 16 years apart.

Health In A Heartbeat

Hearing aids may protect brain later in life

Oct 19, 2020

Now hear this: Wearing a hearing aid later in life may help preserve brain function over time. Research findings support the theory that having an effective hearing aid can protect the brain and reduce the risk of dementia. Previous studies have shown that hearing loss is an important risk factor...

Animal Airwaves

Bird Emergencies: Recognizing and Preventing Illness in Your Pet Bird

Oct 16, 2020

Do you have a pet bird? You’re not alone. According to a recent national survey, captive birds are the fourth most popular pet after fish, cats and dogs. If you have a bird in your household, understanding signs of a health emergency is important. A sick bird will often appear sleepy, or...