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Combating COVID-19

June 2020

UF Health recalibrates everything to take on a global pandemic

Health In A Heartbeat

Some baby food may contain fewer dark green vegetables

Jul 3, 2020

What’s in that jar of baby food when the label says it’s packed with dark green, leafy vegetables? Not as many veggies as you might think, and perhaps more pureed fruit than you’d like to see. Penn State researchers say some baby food that purports to be loaded with dark green vegetables have other...

Animal Airwaves

Amphibian Health

Jun 30, 2020

Amphibians, such as frogs, toads and salamanders, may not get the attention that other animal species do, but their importance to ecosystem health around the globe cannot be overstated. Many amphibian populations are diminishing, due to habitat loss, disease and other factors. On this show, Dr. Rob...