Published Dec 2, 2021
The University of Florida and Scripps Research have signed an agreement to welcome Scripps Florida into the research arm of UF’s academic health center — a step aimed at accelerating the translation of basic scientific discoveries into clinical advances that benefit human health. Together, the organizations will rapidly take discoveries made at the bench to the bedside, where they can have the most benefit to humanity....continue reading
Published Dec 1, 2021
A recent donation from the Lauren and Lee Fixel Family Foundation will help improve the lives of patients for decades to come and assist with the continued expansion of the Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases at UF Health. Patients will have a one-of-a-kind destination to receive the highest level of care and experience the benefits of leading-edge research advancements....continue reading
Published Nov 22, 2021
Specialty: Ophthalmology
For decades, UF Health ophthalmology researcher William W. Hauswirth has been a pioneer in developing gene therapies for treating eye diseases. He attributes the beginning of his successful career, in part, to discussions at a lunch table....continue reading
Published Nov 22, 2021
Specialty: Gynecology
Research into fetal growth restriction, common birth defects and the role of the placenta, can lead to better outcomes for families during and shortly after pregnancy, as well as for decades to come....continue reading
Published Nov 22, 2021
Specialty: Cancer, Specialty: Gynecology
A University of Florida Health practice recently began offering genetic screenings to gynecology patients as part of their annual exams. The screenings are a way to identify patients who may have a heightened risk of breast and ovarian cancer....continue reading
Published Nov 22, 2021
Specialty: Cancer, Specialty: Neurology and Neurosurgery, Specialty: Pediatrics
A first-in-human clinical trial to test a novel form of immunotherapy to treat the most aggressive forms of malignant brain tumors has begun. A UF Health pediatric oncologist received a $2.5 million grant from CureSearch for Children’s Cancer to undertake the trial....continue reading
Published Nov 19, 2021
Specialty: Geriatrics
The COVID-19 pandemic tested geriatricians by taking away important tools to treat elderly patients susceptible to delirium. UF Health physicians tinkered with existing delirium protocols in an effort to provide specialized care for these especially fragile patients....continue reading
Published Nov 15, 2021
Specialty: Orthopaedics, Specialty: Pediatrics
In partnership with Shriners Children’s, the University of Florida pediatric orthopaedics division is enhancing the patient experience with groundbreaking research, new faculty and a kid-friendly practice location. Services for pediatric orthopaedics, including an EOS imaging system, a cast room, X-ray rooms and physical therapy are now in one place, streamlining patient care....continue reading
Published Nov 15, 2021
Specialty: Orthopaedics
A University of Florida Health survey of parents and caregivers of youth baseball pitchers found that 83% of the nearly 100 quizzed were unaware of the existence of safe pitching guidelines. The findings of this survey were recently published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy....continue reading
Published Nov 15, 2021
Specialty: Cancer
The ocean is calling and beneath its surface dwells and unseen power to heal. UF Health researcher Hendrik Luesch, MD, explores the world’s oceans in search of natural compounds to treat cancer and other diseases. In these uncharted waters, lies new chemistry, new biology and new cures just waiting to be revealed....continue reading


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