Ear infection - acute: Providers

(352) 733-7337
Clinical Interests: Cough, Diaper rash, Ear infection - acute, Infant - newborn development, Infectious Diseases, Rashes, Sinusitis, Strep throat, Urinary tract infection - children, Wart removal, Wheezing
(352) 265-0920
Clinical Interests: Acoustic neuroma, Acoustic trauma, Adenoid removal, Audiometry, Aural polyps, Benign ear cyst or tumor, Benign positional vertigo, Caloric stimulation, Cholesteatoma, Cochlear implant, Ear barotrauma, Ear discharge, Ear emergencies, Ear examination, Ear infection - acute, Ear infection - chronic, Ear tube insertion, Ear wax, Eardrum repair, Encephalocele / CSF leak, Eustachian tube patency, Fusion of the ear bones, Hearing loss, Hearing or speech impairment - resources, Infectious myringitis, Labyrinthitis, Malignant otitis externa, Mastoidectomy, Mastoiditis, Occupational hearing loss, Otitis, Otitis media with effusion, Otosclerosis, Petrositis, Ruptured eardrum, Tinnitus, Tympanometry
(352) 265-0920
Clinical Interests: Bronchoscopy, Cleft lip and palate, Ear infection - acute, Ear infection - chronic, Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery, Hearing loss, Hearing loss - infants, Laryngoscopy, Neck lump, Otitis media with effusion, Sinusitis, Sleep disorders - pediatric, Stridor, Tonsillectomies and children, Transsphenoidal Surgery