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Hi. Welcome to It’s all new, and we designed it from the ground up to help you find the information you need when managing your care or the care of a loved one.

A Homepage Designed for You

Screen capture of home page highlighting Request an appointment, find a doctor, or log into MyChart

Right from the front page you can request an appointment, search for a doctor or log into MyUFHealth, and accessing some of the site’s deeper features couldn’t be simpler. Just hover your mouse over the Patient Care item in the main navigation menu and you’ll be able to access the patient care mega-menu.  There you’ll find clear, concise menu items that link you to Locations and Directions, Find a Doctor, Dental Care, and more. You can also find information on how to plan for your visit, ways to contact us and other valuable information.


Search Quick Results

When you know what you want, you want it immediately. Our dedicated, autocomplete search function is there to deliver. Simply begin typing in the search box, and you'll be served up a list of titles that best match what you're after. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s all right here, just for you. 


Health Encyclopedia

screen shot showing mega-menu option to search or browse health encyclopedia

On our mega-menu’s right-hand side, you’ll find a dedicated search box for our health encyclopedia and an option to browse an alphabetical listing of titles. Once you’ve reached your destination page, you not only have access to clinical content, but you can also find locations, providers, and even research studies and clinical trials related to the topic.


Find a Doctor

Find a doctor

Our Find a Doctor tool enables you to quickly find the right University of Florida health provider for you. You can search for providers by specialty, keyword or last name. You can also filter your results by gender, locations, or even by languages spoken. Seeking a pediatric echocardiologist who speaks Spanish? Done. An ear, nose and throat specialist at Hampton Oaks? Easy. We make it simple to find someone who can help you because you’re important to us.


Locations Directory

Locations DirectoryNeed help finding a clinic or hospital location? How about a map showing you how to get there from your home? You’ll find that and more in our Locations Directory. Search for clinics by name or keyword. Find addresses and phone numbers, as well as interactive maps that will guide you to our doorstep.


Research Studies and Clinical Trials

Research Studies and Clinical TrialsBecause UF Health is a premier academic health center, you have access to many clinical trials and other research studies. When you hover over our research tab, you’ll see a search bar on the left that allows you to access clinical trials and research studies by keyword and other criteria. You can also find research studies and clinical trials linked to health topics in our health encyclopedia.


Feedback - Let us know what you think

We're excited about our new site. We built in lots of tools to help you find the information you need to manage your care or the care of a loved one. We think you'll find the site simple to use and incredibly comprehensive.

If you have any ideas, comments, or questions about the website, please let us know.