Diabetes – resources: Approach to Care

The holidays can be difficult for anyone living with a chronic illness, but especially trying for patients with diabetes. With irregular eating times, sweet treats and less time to exercise, patients with diabetes need to take extra precaustions to stay healthy during the holidays. Here are a few tips for feeling great during this busy and exciting time of year:

  • Avoid heavy starch or bread-based dishes and opt for vegetables, fruits, roasted nuts or air-popped popcorn. 
  • Eat fewer desserts or eat desserts with reduced-sugar.
  • Keep alcoholic beverages at a minimum and never drink alcohol without food.
  • Eat regular snacks to keep your blood sugar stable.
  • Allow time for rest and exercise.
  • Don't forget to take any medications. 
  • Snack before you go to a party or stash some healthy snacks in a bag in case food is limited.