Collaboration Opportunities

Opportunities for research collaborations abound at the University of Florida, which is home to 16 colleges and more than 150 research centers and institutes.

It is one of only six public land-grant universities in the country offering colleges of medicine, veterinary medicine, agriculture and law, all on one central campus. On any given day, more than 4,000 scientists and scholars are researching hundreds of disciplines at UF.

The links below provide an introduction to the many types of collaborators available to health researchers at the UF Health, including UF faculty, centers and institutes, community research liaisons and science education and outreach partners; UF-affiliated research networks; and institutional collaborators:

UF Faculty

  • VIVO
    A research-focused discovery tool enabling collaboration across UF’s 16 colleges.

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UF Centers and Institutes

Clinical and Translational Science Institute

The University of Florida Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) works on many fronts to accelerate research and improve health. It provides resources for research teams, career development programs, pilot project funding and an extensive network of local, state and national partners.

Emerging Pathogens Institute

The Emerging Pathogens Institute fuses key disciplines to develop outreach, education, and research capabilities designed to preserve Florida's health and economy, and to prevent or contain new and re-emerging diseases.

Genetics Institute

The goal of the UF Genetics Institute is to harness the vast array of talent at the University of Florida to make exciting new discoveries, transfer technology to the marketplace and improve quality of life. Across the vast landscape of biology, UF Genetics Institute scientists discover how genes interact and express themselves, and use this knowledge to improve living conditions for all.

Institute on Aging

The Institute on Aging exists to improve the health, independence and quality of life of older adults by means of interdisciplinary teams in the areas of research, education and health care.

McKnight Brain Institute

The McKnight Brain Institute of the University of Florida is one of the nation’s most comprehensive and technologically advanced centers devoted to discovering how the normal brain operates, and how we can repair the brain following injury or disease.

UF Health Cancer Center

Activities and programs at the UF Health Cancer Center are acutely focused on the development of early-stage “translational” research aimed at the rapid advancement of scientific discoveries to clinical trials and resulting in improved patient care. Our goal is to generate tomorrow’s answers for today’s patients.

Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR)

The mission of the Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR) is to serve as a world-class research support center that provides scientifically knowledgeable, technically superb scientific services to University of Florida faculty, staff, graduate students, and other research partners throughout the state and nation. Founded in 1987, ICBR is dedicated to initiating and supporting the best of front line technology within the ever-changing and wide-ranging scope of the molecular life sciences.

University of Florida

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UF Community Research Liaisons

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UF Science Education and Outreach Partners

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UF-Affiliated Research Networks




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Institutional Collaborators

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Other Florida Universities

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CTSI Research Project Navigators

Not sure where to start? Blocked by a specific problem? The UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute can help. Contact a CTSI Research Project Navigator to help jump-start your research.

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