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How much is too much when it comes to alcohol?

For most adults, moderate drinking does not cause health problems. Moderate drinking is defined as no more than one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men. To get an idea of what constitutes “a drink”, use these guidelines:

  • One 12 oz bottle of beer.
  • One 5 oz glass of wine.
  • One 1.5 oz shot of liquor.

The following people should not drink:

Drinking can become problematic if it causes trouble with relationships, school or work, or your mental and emotional state. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence warns that it’s not often easy to tell if you or your loved one is an alcoholic. There are a few warning signs:

  • Vowing to quit drinking, but don’t follow through.
  • Social life revolving around drinking.
  • Ending up in risky situations.
  • Blacking out while drinking.

Intensive Outpatient Programs and partial hospitalization programs can help people get back to life and have a successful recovery. A combination of detox, group therapy, 12-step program and one-on-one support from addiction experts can provide hope and healing to patients dealing with alcoholism.

Don’t wait; Get help today.

To learn more about the Florida Recovery Center, call 855-265-4FRC or request a brochure.

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